About Us

Who We Are

Farm Credit Services of Mandan is a farmer-owned cooperative lender providing credit and financial management services to nearly 4,000 customers. We are part of the national Farm Credit System which has been serving agricultural producers since 1916 to provide a reliable and competitive source of credit through the sale of Farm Credit Bonds on the open money market. The Farm Credit System is federally chartered and regulated by the Farm Credit Administration. Today we are the leading provider of agricultural financing. For more information regarding Farm Credit Services of Mandan, check out our Business Profile.


To build a strong financial future for all stakeholders and make a positive impact on our rural communities. We will be the company of choice in our marketplace.


To promote the success of our customers by providing the best financial services in our agricultural communities, today and tomorrow.

  • Develop and retain high-quality employees
  • Provide resourceful ag expertise
  • Deliver competitively-priced services
  • Be a financially strong cooperative


Relationship Driven

We value our customers, employees, and communities we serve


We work together for mutual success


We consistently do the right thing for the right reason


We deliver on our commitments to pursue excellence


We embrace change to fulfill our vision and mission

Board of Directors

Clair Hauge

Clair Hauge


Served since 2015
At-Large 2 ▪ Term ends 2023
(grain/livestock producer)
Dawn Martin

Dawn Martin

Vice Chairperson

Served since 2017
At-Large 3 ▪ Term ends 2025
(livestock producer)
Aaron Vetter

Aaron Vetter

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Friedt

Gary Friedt

Served since 2020
Region D ▪ Term ends 2024
(grain/livestock producer)
Carson Kouba

Carson Kouba

Served since 2017
At Large 4 ▪ Term ends 2025
(grain producer)
Cary Moch

Cary Moch

Served since 2008
Region A ▪ Term ends 2023
(grain/livestock producer)
Allen Roshau

Allen Roshau

Served since 2014
Region C ▪ Term ends in 2022
(livestock/hay producer)
Michael Schaaf

Michael Schaaf

Glen Ullin
Served since 2011
Region B ▪ Term ends 2024
(grain/livestock producer)
Ed Breuer

Ed Breuer

Served since 2022
At Large 1 ▪ Term ends 2026
(livestock/grain producer)

Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider

Appointed 2017
Term ends 2025
Sheldon Wolf

Sheldon Wolf

Appointed 2019
Term ends 2023


The annual report is available on our website within75 days after the end of the calendar year and members are provided a copy of such report within 90 days after the end of the year. Quarterly reports are available on our website within 40 days after the end of each calendar quarter.

Cooperative Benefits

  • Associations are owned by its customers
  • Governed by a board of directors
  • Our staff and offices are connected to the local communities we serve
  • We are committed to agriculture, year-round and long term
  • Farm Credit has been a strong and stable provider for over 100 years

We share profits with our borrower-owners through Patronage Dividends


  • 2022 Patronage Total was $7 Million
  • Checks are distributed to about 2,000 loan customers
  • 23 year total cash patronage distribution is $46 Million
  • Sharing in your association’s success is an important benefit of cooperative membership