Plan to attend Farm Credit Services Dual Credit class featuring economist, Dr. Matt Roberts. Two sessions will be repeated on January 21st and 22nd in Mandan. Roberts will cover the costs of production. financial ratios, market outlook and the future of agriculture in an upbeat talk. Learn about how Blockchain technology will affect the food industry and how whole farm revenue protection works. Register through our website calendar or by calling Farm Credit Services in Mandan at 663-6487.

DR. MATT ROBERTS –  a commodity broker, professor, entrepreneur, and speaker on grain, energy and macro markets. He is native of Bolivar, MO where he begun trading stocks at a young age. He was a broker in global futures markets, a Chief Economist for Commodity Futures Trading Commission in Washington, DC and an analysist for AgDay TV. Matt is also co-owner of a chain of indoor rock-climbing gyms in central Ohio.

PHIL HARRIS – is the President and Co-Founder of which looks at the implications of blockchain technology for food and agribusinesses and how it might affect current business practices such as traceability, sustainability, certification, insurance, logistics and research.

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