Stockholders of Farm Credit Services of Mandan, ACA have re-elected Dawn Martin, (Incumbent) Beulah, and Carson Kouba, (Incumbent) Regent, to the Board of Directors at the conclusion of the balloting. Both directors will serve four-year terms.

Lenard Vetter, Linton; Pamela Hoff, Flasher; Derrick Dukart, Manning; and Jeremy Huether, Mott; were elected to the Nominating Committee. Richard Bohl, Flasher; Leonard Gerhardt, Flasher; Tyler Kostelecky, Hettinger; and Lenci Sickler, Gladstone; have been elected to the nominating committee for a successive one-year term.

The Board met and held its reorganizational meeting on July 28th. Clair Hauge, Carson will serve as Chair of the Board and Compensation Committee. Dawn Martin, Beulah, was elected as Vice Chair of the Board and Compensation Committee. Sheldon Wolf, Mandan, will continue to serve as Chair of the Audit Committee and serve as the Board’s financial expert, with Jim Vander Vorst, Hague, elected to as serve as Vice Chair of the Audit Committee. Allen Roshau, Dickinson; and Carson Kouba, Regent; will remain as the association’s North Dakota Farm Credit Council representatives. Allen Roshau will also serve as the AgriBank District FCC representative.

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