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Provide programs and resources to help finance young or beginning farmers or ranchers. Special pricing and credit underwriting helps young and beginning farmers overcome some of the financial challenges they face. Farm Credit Services of Mandan is proud to support the future of our industry through these programs.


  • Young farmers and ranchers age 35 or younger, and/or are in the process of establishing an agricultural operation and have not assumed full control and risk of the operation for longer than 10 years are eligible.
  • Where possible, credit enhancements such as guarantees or subordination will be utilized to help manage credit risk.
  • We offer special programs on operating, livestock, and real estate financing, as well as equipment loans and leases. Rates and terms vary for each program.
  • We provide financial management services and resources such as appraisal, crop insurance, life and disability insurance, tax, record keeping, succession planning, and producer education.
  • These programs and services help young and beginning farmers establish themselves, manage risk, and increase profitability.

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