Producer Education Seminars, MPCI Updates and Reference Material Available

Jan 18, 2022 | Home Featured News, Insurance News

2022 FCSM Crop Insurance Updates and Producer Education Seminars 

BRANCH        LOCATION                         DATE            TIME                   GUEST SPEAKER

Mott Rural Collective, Hettinger 1/19/2022 8:15 AM MT ProPoint Agronomy – Bowman
Mott The Pheasant Café, Mott 1/19/2022 12:00 PM MT ProPoint Agronomy – Bowman
Dickinson Farm Credit Conference ROOM 1/19/2022 5:00 PM MT Carbon Capture
Bowman Scranton Community Center 2/9/2022 5:30 PM MT ProPoint Agronomy – Bowman
Mandan FCSM AgriBusiness Center 2/16/2022 4:00 PM Carbon Capture
Wishek American Legion 2/23/2022 11:00 AM Carbon Capture
Washburn Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center 2/24/2022 12:00 PM Carbon Capture


  • 2022 MPCI Changes
  • Supplemental and Enhanced Coverage Option
  • New Enterprise Unit Structure
  • Livestock Prices and Rainfall Protection
  • Special Guest Speakers on: Carbon Credit, Agronomy, Livestock Nutrition and Risk Management Planning, Budgeting and Recordkeeping 

The crop insurance newsletter will be mailed to all insureds in mid-February and includes Important March 15 Deadlines, 2022 Crop Insurance Updates and General Information, Acres Without Planting History, Production Records, Good Farming Practices, Crop Insurance Rotation Requirements, 2022 Actuarial Changes.  

In addition, a 30-page crop insurance reference guide is available at your local Farm Credit Services of Mandan’s branch offices.

Farm Credit Services of Mandan utilizes agents with over 150 years of experience and four reputable insurance companies to find the right coverage to fit the risk management needs of your operation. Be sure to make an appointment to review your policy before March 15.  Farm Credit is working for your best coverage.

REPRESENTING: Great American, RCIS, NAU, and Rain & Hail Companies

COVERING: Multi-Peril, Hail, Forage, Rainfall, Livestock and Dairy Revenue


Additional News

2023 MPCI Price Elections and Reminders

2023 MPCI Price Elections and Reminders

2023 PRICE ELECTIONS    CROP YIELD PROTECTION/ REVENUE PROTECTION        CROP   APH Barley 5.59 Dry Peas Varies By Type Canola Spring Oleic Canola (Spring Rapeseed) .272 .376 Dry Beans Varies by type Corn (Grain) 5.91 Flax 17.00 Corn (Silage) 44.50 Oats 4.28 Soybeans...

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Final Harvest Prices Set for Revenue Protection

Final Harvest Prices Set for Revenue Protection

Final harvest prices for Revenue Protection have been released for corn, sunflowers and soybeans! These prices are for non-organic in our area. Prices may vary in other areas. Reminder: Harvest prices are set according to the Commodity Price Provisions not your local...

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