Term Life/Disability Insurance

Term Life and Disability Insurance is available to current and existing FCSM loan customers. Coverage will continue for the life of the policy, even after your loan is paid in full.


 Term Life Insurance is an affordable way to supplement your existing coverage. It provides a way for your family to pay expenses and carry on through tough times in the event of a death.

  • Provides coverage for a specific amount of time (term of insurance)
  • Premium rates based on age, gender, health, tobacco/non tobacco
  • Premiums generally lower for higher levels of coverage
  • Options to renew at end of term
  • Death benefit paid if insured passes away within that term

If someone is depending on you financially, chances are you need life insurance. People who should consider a life insurance policy include:

  • Spouses/Significant Others (with or without dependents)
  • Parents
  • Landowners
  • Business Partnerships

Life insurance provides security and peace of mind for your loved ones in the event of a sudden and unexpected loss. Life Insurance indemnities could help pay:

  • Final Expenses
  • Debt
  • Medical Bills
  • Everyday Living Expenses

Now is the best time to apply for a life insurance policy while you meet the underwriting standards and qualify for the best rates.

 Disability Insurance is designed to replace a portion of your income if you become disabled and are unable to earn an income. Disabilities can result from several causes including an illness or an injury.

  • Protection plan for your loan payment
  • Provides a monthly income
  • Premium rates based on age, gender, health, tobacco/non tobacco

What are the chances I will get hurt?

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